Marine Survey

Vessel Inspection & Audits, Classification Societies Survey, Operation, Cargo & Loading Survey, STS Operations, bunkering operation, Marine Consultancy, Third party survey

We Provides total solution in the field of Marine survey matches the needs of our clients with fully integrated solutions, innovative concepts, ideas based on sound engineering practices.

  • Rig/Barge move supervision
  • Marine unit inspection (MQVI, OCIMF-SIRE, OCIMF-OVID, IMCA-CMID)
  • Marine Vessel Suitability Survey,
  • Dynamic Positioning
  • System Assessment Trials
  • Marine unit on-hire and off-hire survey
  • Quality and / or safety management system audit
  • STS (Ship to Ship) transfer operation supervision
  • Mooring master services
  • Offshore field operation anchor pattern, mooring system survey
  • Marine incident investigation and system integrity survey
  • Marine Consultant survey for marine related procedures


Development and /or Review documentation (Rig/Barge moves, ROV, Diving
Equipment, Subsea, etc) services.

Participate in marine risk assessment and technical support services
offshore and onshore management, safety, and field supervision service.


Highly specialized technicians provide detailed survey reports, condition evaluation audits on Vessels located all over the world, whether afloat or in dry dock surveys and inspections can be arranged uncomplicated and quickly, around the clock.